Ond day in paksong
Ond day in paksong

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Ond day in paksong

We leave Pakse in the morning and head to the highlands of the Bolaven Plateau. Passing the Plateau’s capital Paksong, we drive to the village Katouat. Follow - the - coffee - from - tree - to - cup - 1 We join the farmers for their work on the plantations where we learn how to pick the coffee cherries. The harvesting is done by hand, and only the ripe cherries are picked. On the way to the village we will pass rice paddies, small rivers and of course coffee plantations. The village, which rarely sees tourists, is located in a beautiful setting with a viewpoint overlooking the whole plateau as far as Pakse and the Mekong Valley.

In the early afternoon, we will head back towards Pakse and stop by the beautiful waterfall Tat fan, after. We return to Pakse around 4 pm for look view me khong in evening.